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About LED Intelligent Lighting, Light Sensor has Something to Say

About LED Intelligent Lighting, Light Sensor has Something to Say

The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional lighting is that LED lighting is a complete electronic product, while traditional lighting is only an electrical product. Therefore, LED lamps and lanterns can be easily associated with various types of sensors, thus realizing various automatic control functions such as light control, infrared control and so on. For example, the automatic switch of LED street lamp can be easily realized with a light sensor; for the night walkway and courtyard lighting in communities, infrared sensors can be used to collect information about human activities and automatically turn on and off lighting fixtures.

Automatic Control of LED Lighting Switch

Sensors is used as signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion devices, and the electromechanical technology of the sensors has been quite mature. In recent years, the rise of MEMS technology has made great strides towards miniaturization, intellectualization, multi-function and low-cost sensor technology. All kinds of sensors, such as light sensor, infrared sensor and so on, can form an intelligent control system with LED illumination lamps. The sensor converts the collected physical signals into electrical signals, which can be collected by integrated AD (analog-to-digital) converter, MCU (microcontroller), DA (digital-to-analog) converter and intelligently coped in order to control the opening and closing of LED lighting. Human beings can set various control requirements on MCU to control the switching time, brightness, color rendering and multi-color variation of LED lights, so as to achieve the goal of power saving and energy saving. 

System block diagram of sensor and LED lamp is formed. The current integrated circuit manufacturing technology can integrate AD, DA and MCU into a 5 mm *5 mm package or smaller package, which is not only convenient to install in the lamp, but also not occupying an area.


Combination of Light Sensors and LED Lamps

Wind-photovoltaic LED street lamp is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting lamp. It uses wind and sunlight to generate electricity, and uses batteries to store energy. Therefore, the automatic management of energy is very important. The light sensor is an ideal electronic sensor which can control the automatic switch of the circuit because of the illumination change in daylight and dark (sunrise and sunset).

The light sensor can automatically control the opening and closing of LED lighting in shopping malls according to weather, time and region. Convenience stores with an area of 200 square meters can reduce power consumption by 53% in bright days by reducing their output power compared with fluorescent lamps. Life expectancy is also about 5 to 100,000 hours. Generally, the life of LED lighting fixtures is about 40,000 hours; the luminous color can also be changed by RGB (red, green and blue) to make the shopping mall lighting more colorful and the atmosphere more active; compared with the original blue LED in yellow fluorescent body, the purple LED with red, green and blue fluorescent body has a higher color performance.

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