Analog Optocoupler

Linear optocoupler is an optoelectronic device that controls the change in resistance by a change in input current. 

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Optocoupler Semiconductor Device LCR-0202 Series for Electric Circuit


Optocoupler is a Optoelectronic devices which use the current changes to control the resistance change. It is a Linear optocoupler which through the strictly selected, aging, testing. It made up of CDS and LED. Package tyoe for LCR-0202 is DIP-4(cuboid small package). It is widely used in audio power amplifier protection and control.


It is recommend that the welding should be made at 4mm of lead wire far away from optoisolator’s seat, and the welding be completed in the shortest possible time.


Pure resistor and non-polarity output.
Wide range of analog liner resistance, "on" at the low resistance. "off" at high resistance.

Simple circuit configuration suitable for DC and AC use.
Input to output isolation, and low distortion coupling.


TypeLCR- 0202 Series
Input current0- 20mA
Input Voltage1.6- 2.5Vdc
Output Light Resistance50Ω - 1KΩ @20mA- 0.01mA
Output Dark Resistance1Ω - 10MΩ @10 seconds off later
Response Period<2.5mS
Insulating Voltage>2500VRMS
Working Frequency<300KHz
Max Power100mW

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