Application of Infrared Sensor in Elevator System

Application of Infrared Sensor in Elevator System

The elevator is a kind of vertical elevator powered by a motor, equipped with a box-shaped pod, used for multi-storey buildings to take people or carry goods. With the occurrence of multiple elevator accidents, people have higher and higher requirements for elevator safety. In order to prevent similar accidents from recurring, elevator designers have installed a variety of infrared sensors and measuring instruments on the elevator body, and the inclination infrared sensor is one of them.

Ⅰ. The infrared sensors are used on the top of the elevator

Usually the inclination infrared sensor is installed on the top of the elevator to detect the verticality of the elevator in real time. When the elevator tilts too much, the relevant personnel will learn about the situation in real time and deal with it in time.

The angle signal output by the inclination infrared sensor in real time can also be displayed by related meters, and it can be connected to the Internet to form a monitoring network, so as to better maintain the use of elevators and ensure the safety of people entering and exiting. The more popular infrared sensors used to prevent pinching in elevators are generally through-beam infrared photoelectric sensors.

Ⅱ. Infrared sensors are used for elevator door machine

It is a device used on the door machine to protect people or things from being pinched. The infrared sensor emits a beam of device to illuminate the transmitter or receiver installed on the other side of the elevator door. One side of the elevator door is equipped with an emitter and a receiver at the other. When the middle beam is blocked and the receiver cannot receive the emitted beam, it will be reflected to the controller, and then reflected to the elevator main board, and the elevator door will naturally open.

In addition, there is an encoder in the elevator, a device that converts the signal of the speed into an electric signal. It has two main functions: one is to detect the real-time position of the elevator in the hoistway, and the other is to detect the real-time speed of the elevator.

Finally, there are many applications of sensors in elevators such as acceleration sensors, pressure sensors, displacement sensors and load cells.

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