Application Status and Prospects of Infrared PIR Sensor in the Field of Internet of Things

Application Status and Prospects of Infrared PIR Sensor in the Field of Internet of Things

1. Even if there is no epidemic, infrared thermometers will have stable rigid demand in the future.

2. After the epidemic, there will be a big outbreak in the sensor Internet of things industry.

The construction of industrial chain and ecosystem will be more active: from this epidemic situation, it can be seen that after most enterprises stop production, the shock supply of epidemic prevention materials is striving for the improvement of industrial chain and ecosystem, while it is difficult for enterprises to make a difference alone.

Further improvement of the construction of big health data: personal travel information, communication roaming locations and other data have been shared to the grassroots community. It will be further expanded in the future.

Accelerating the development of smart cities

The rapid development of medical sensors: such as infrared PIR sensor, gas sensors, biological sensors, body fluid composition sensors, various types of flexible sensors suitable for wearables, and so on

3. Wide application of thermopile temperature sensor:

The thermopile temperature sensor signal can not only be an analog output, but also can be processed as a digital output. It can be widely used in air conditioners, microwave ovens and other smart home appliances, large copiers, dryers and other industrial smart equipment, as well as various equipment temperature monitoring of power control systems. It can also be used in various supporting applications such as infrared gas measurement, industrial environment, security control, wearable devices, human body induction switches and so on. The future market direction will promote the application of smart home appliances, consumer electronics (Bluetooth headsets, facial massagers), and medical equipment.

4. The application status and prospects of infrared PIR sensor in the field of Internet of things:

Health field: ear thermometer, forehead thermometer, baby constant temperature chamber

Industrial fields: copiers, charging overheat protection, transformer boxes

Security field: abnormal temperature warning

Home appliances field: microwave ovens, induction cookers, stoves, hair dryers, refrigerators, washing machines (drying) ect.

Lighting field: LED control switch

Automotive field: in-car air conditioning and exhaust

5. Application hotspots and technical requirements of next-generation infrared PIR sensor:

Miniaturization, array (light and thin, large-scale production), on-chip integration (simple interface)

The next-generation infrared PIR sensor will be upgraded from a single-point type to an area array type: detecting infrared signals, simply imaging in a large field of view, and measuring temperature in a large area to determine the temperature change and direction of a specific location.

Technical aspects: development of small array thermopile infrared sensor chips, supporting solutions and algorithm processing.

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