Applications of Photosensitive Sensor in Life and Medicine

Applications of Photosensitive Sensor in Life and Medicine

Nowadays, photosensitive sensor has been widely used in the production and life of human beings, especially for high-precision products. It is necessary to use various sensors to monitor and control various parameters in the production process to make the equipment work in normal or optimal conditions. Therefore, it can be said that without many excellent sensors, modern production will lose its foundation.

Ⅰ. Photosensitive sensor is used in medicine

In medicine, with the help of a photosensitive sensor, the cause can be better analyzed and a good treatment plan can be obtained. In scientific research, photosensitive sensor has a more prominent position. In many fields, people’s senses also have simple sensors, which cannot obtain accurate data at all. Therefore, high-precision photosensitive sensor must be used to realize analysis and measurement.

The photosensitive sensor is a sensor that uses a photosensitive element to convert a light signal into an electrical signal. Because the photosensitive sensor has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, and reliable performance, it occupies a very important position in automatic control and non-electrical electronic technology.

Photosensitive sensor is one of the most common sensors. It has a wide range of types, including photocells, photomultiplier tubes, photoresistors, photosensitive transistors, solar cells, infrared sensors, ultraviolet sensors, optical fiber photoelectric sensors, color sensors, CCD and CMOS image sensor and so on.

The photosensitive sensor is currently one of the most widely produced and widely used sensors. It occupies a very important position in automatic control and non-electrical measurement technology. The simplest photosensitive sensor is a photoresistor. When a photon hits the junction, an electric current is generated.

Ⅱ. Photosensitive sensor is widely used in life

Photosensitive sensors are mainly used in life for solar lawn lights, light-controlled night lights, cameras, monitors, light-controlled toys, sound and light-controlled switches, cameras, anti-theft wallets, light-controlled music boxes, birthday music candles, music cups, human body induction Lights, human body sensor switches and other electronic products light automatic control field.

The simplest electronic device in the photosensitive sensor is a photosensitive resistor, which can sense the light and dark changes of light and output weak electrical signals. Through simple electronic circuit amplification processing, it can control the automatic switch of LED lamps.

Therefore, it is widely used in automatic control and household appliances. For example, it can be used in remote lighting fixtures such as automatic brightness adjustment in TV sets, automatic exposure of cameras. In addition, it can be applied in automatic control circuits in street lights, navigation aids, tapes stop device and anti-theft alarm device and so on.

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