Current Situation of Thermopile Sensor Industry

Current Situation of Thermopile Sensor Industry

At present, the supply of thermopile sensors has been in short supply due to the sudden epidemic situation. Due to the shortage of stocks in the market, the price has risen again and again, which has formed a tense supply shortage. Although the current thermopile sensor industry, including non-contact temperature measurement and health monitoring sensors, has made considerable and stable development, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic makes the supply capacity of the entire industrial chain to meet the sudden demand face a huge challenge. The core factor is that the whole industry is highly fragmented and there is few leading enterprises, so low-level technology, products, application and low-efficiency technology is the current situation of the whole sensor industry.

Infrared thermopile sensor is mainly composed of a series of thermocouples in series connection. Two ends of the thermocouple are composed of two different materials. When one end contacts the hot end and the other contacts the cold end, there will be a potential difference between the two different materials due to Seebeck effect. The size of the potential difference is related to the temperature difference between the two different materials. Thermopile sensors connect a series of thermocouples in series to improve the sensitivity of the sensors.

Parameters of thermopile temperature sensor:

Measurement range: - 50-100℃;

Measurement accuracy: within 0.1℃ and ± 0.1%;

Operating temperature: - 20℃ - + 85℃;

Maximum measuring distance: ≤ 0-50mm (with lens of 300-500mm)

Output voltage: 0-10mv;

The maximum range of thermopile sensor can reach - 60℃ to + 1200℃. The infrared thermopile sensor, which is widely used in human body temperature monitoring during this pandemic, covers many fields and disciplines, and has strict requirements for talents and processing equipment. At present, the infrared sensors used in the ear and forehead temperature guns for human body measurement are thermopile type, and the basic physical principle is Seebeck effect. Similar to the thermocouple, the infrared thermopile temperature sensor is composed of an infrared filter which can pass through the specific wavelength range and a thermopile chip with infrared reception.

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