Development Prospect of Photosensitive Resistance

Development Prospect of Photosensitive Resistance

Photosensitive resistance is also known as light pipe, and the characteristic of photosensitive resistance is that under the irradiation of specific light, its resistance value decreases rapidly and can be used to detect visible light. Photoresistor is a kind of resistance made by the photoelectric effect of semiconductor, whose resistance value changes with the intensity of incident light; if the incident light is strong, the resistance decreases, and if the incident light is weak, the resistance increases. For example, a photoresistor is used in the sound control lamp as a device to control the light during the day.

Photoresistors are generally used for light measurement, light control, and photoelectric conversion (converting changes in light into changes in electricity). Generally, photoresistors are made into a thin sheet structure to absorb more light energy.


With the expansion of application areas, the photoresistor industry also faces many problems. Good market prospects have attracted many manufacturers, and fierce competition has reduced profit margins. This will inevitably force a group of manufacturers with low output and small market share to withdraw from the market.


If professional manufacturers want to make greater progress in this fiercely competitive field, they must first increase investment in improving product quality and better solve stability and reliability. Secondly, we must develop new varieties to broaden the application fields. At present, there is few kinds of photoresistor products on the international market, and more than 99% are polycrystalline. Efforts should be made to automate the production process to improve product consistency, reduce production costs, and strive for greater profitability.

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