Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Infrared flame detection solution


Regardless of the design, security is always "just needed". For construction projects, fire protection is an essential factor to consider. Smoke alarms are the most commonly used means in general civil and commercial buildings. However, in some special industrial places, such as industrial plants, warehouses, tunnels, etc., the spatial scale is large and requires a faster fire alarm response speed, which requires a more sensitive photosensitive flame detector.

Point-type multi-band infrared flame detection technology is one of the best solutions for fire timely warning. This technology detects fire by detecting the characteristic infrared rays emitted by the flame, which is faster than traditional smoke or temperature-sensing fire detection technology. Especially in open spaces, the early warning time can exceed 80%.

It has been widely used in various oil storage facilities, large warehouses, etc., and has become a standard configuration for fire, chemical, paper, smelting, nuclear power plants and other high-risk areas of fire, and is gradually gaining popularity in high-end residential, commercial, general industrial and other fields. Provide more protection for people's lives and property.

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