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Lens D7002

PROD Model:D7002
Overall Size:61*42.7*0.6mm
Focal Length:30.5mm
Detectable Distance:24M
Viewing Angle:83°
Color : Transparent
Material : HDPE
Type : Flat


1.PIR sensor must work with the Fresnel lens, to insure the long detect rang. Fresnel lens is the precision optical lens. Combining the products case, we can design different shape for fresnel lens. Fresnel lens arrays designed for Passive Infrared Sensor. 

2.The optical surface increases lens sensitivity for PIR sensor application. All the PIR sensor must work with the Fresnel Lens. Fresnel Lens can be made of polyolefin, glasses. One side is smooth, another side with thread.


Easy to install

High quanlity

Factory price


Model NumberD7002
Overall size 61*42.7*0.6mm
Focal length 30.5mm
Detectable distance 24m
Viewing angle 83°
Color Transparent
Material HDPE
Type flat


Dimension (Unit=mm)

Fresnel Optical Lens Binary Fresnel Diffractive Lens D7002 For Smart Home System

Detection range(unit=m)

Fresnel Optical Lens Binary Fresnel Diffractive Lens D7002 For Smart Home System



Alarm system, protect the PIR sensor.

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