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HongKong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 13-16 October 2013

HongKong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 13-16 October 2013

Fair: HongKong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

Date: 13-16 October 2013

Booth: 5C-F01

Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • Photoresistor
    Jun 01.2020


    Photoresistor applications are very wide now. Today we will have a closer look at photoresistors.1. Photoresis...
  • Principle of Fresnel Lens
    Jan 18.2021

    Principle of Fresnel Lens

    The Fresnel Lens was invented by the French physicist Augustin Fresnel. He originally used this Lens design in...
  • Knowledge about Thermopile Sensor
    Jun 15.2020

    Knowledge about Thermopile Sensor

    As a non-contact and fast human body temperature measuring equipment, infrared temperature measuring equipment...
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