How can Infrared Sensor be Used in the Internet of Things?

How can Infrared Sensor be Used in the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a technology that connects all items to the Internet through radio frequency, identification, infrared sensors and other information sensing equipment to realize intelligent identification and management, which is another revolution in the information industry after computers, the Internet and mobile communication networks.

In the Internet of Things, a large number of infrared sensors can be used to obtain object information. Although mature products have not yet been developed and produced, infrared sensors have many mature applications that can be used for reference. The pyroelectric infrared switch with pyroelectric infrared sensor as the core can be used as an auto-induction switch for buzzers, incandescent lamps, dryers, automatic doors, and automatic handwashing sinks in the civilian field. It is especially suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, high-grade hotels, large shopping malls and other areas.

In the Internet of Things, infrared sensors can be used to obtain item information, and electronic tags can be used to record and achieve precise positioning of items. For example, infrared sensors are used to detect whether the supermarket shelves have enough goods for sale. When it is detected that the goods are insufficient, the speakers are driven to remind the supermarket staff to replenish goods in time through subsequent signal processing, filtering, and amplification.

Infrared sensors have been widely used in anti-theft alarm systems, and there are mature products on the market. A typical perimeter intrusion detection and alarm system itself is a security application of the Internet of Things. For example, infrared sensors can be installed on the dangerous mechanical system of the factory, which can perform non-contact measurement and give a warning when the predetermined safety distance is exceeded to prevent danger caused by people getting too close, protect the health of workers, realize safe production, and save production costs.

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