How Many Kinds of Infrared Detectors Are There?

How Many Kinds of Infrared Detectors Are There?

Infrared detectors are used in many aspects, and are widely used in the civil security, fire protection, electric power, construction, medical and other industries. Among them, the security field is more widely used. The reason why infrared detectors are so popular in the security industry is naturally inseparable from its special working principle.

Ⅰ. Infrared detectors are very popular

In nature, any object higher than the temperature (-273℃) will produce infrared spectrum. In the passive infrared warning zone, when no object is moving, the pyroelectric infrared detector only senses the background temperature. Entering the warning zone, through the fresnel lens for sale, the pyroelectric infrared detector senses the difference between the temperature of the moving object and the background temperature, and converts the infrared signal into an electrical signal to send out an alarm signal.

This explains why infrared detectors are so popular. With different demands on infrared detectors, infrared detectors gradually split into products with different detection directions and areas to meet different needs of the environment.

Ⅱ. Infrared detectors are classified according to the working direction

1. Infrared wide-angle detector

This type of infrared detector is the original detector that we used more earlier, wall-mounted, and has a large detection range. It is suitable for installation in the living room, in front of the door and other places.

2. Infrared ceiling detector

This kind of infrared detector is ceiling-mounted as its name implies, with a cone-shaped detection range, which also has an ultra-wide detection range. Suitable for places such as living room and kitchen.

3. Infrared curtain detector

This type of infrared detector is mainly suitable for flat detection areas such as windows, and its detection range is flat, suitable for installation in places such as window openings.

4. Infrared dual-check detector

Such double-check detectors generally add a microwave detection to the function of infrared detectors to ensure the accuracy of detection.

Ⅲ. Infrared detector function

Infrared detectors work by detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body. The detector collects infrared radiation from the outside and then gathers it on the infrared sensor. Infrared sensors usually use pyroelectric elements, which will release electric charges when receiving infrared radiation temperature changes, and generate an alarm after detection and processing.

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