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PROD Model: W406Q
Window Size: 4.9*4.9mm
Output Signal:Analog signal output
Sensing Distance: 10M (lens SB-F-02)
See lens selection for different distances
Sensing Angle: 130° (horizontal direction)
Working Voltage: 2-15V
Static Noise: <80mV
Recommended Supporting IC: ISB6601L, RS8034, ISB02, BISS0001


Pyroelectric infrared sensor is a sensor that uses the characteristics of spontaneous polarization of materials with temperature change to detect infrared radiation, using dual sensitive element design, internal installation of patch, resistance, capacitor filtering to enhance the ability to interfere with radio frequency, high working stability of the sensor. This product is widely used, such as smart toys, automatic light switches, induction doors, etc., especially suitable for smart toy applications.


Immunity to RF interference

★ Quaternary structure

★ Analog signal output


Window size
Infrared acceptance electrodes 4*1.745mm elements
EncapsulationTo- 5
Received wavelength514μ m
Transmittance  75%
Output signal peak [Vp-p] 3500mV
Sensitivity 3300V/W
Detection rate(D*)1.4   ×108 cmHz1/2/W
Noise peak [Vp-p]<80mV
Output balance
Source voltage
Supply voltage
Operating Temp-30~70ºC
Storage Temp-40~80ºC


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