Infrared Sensors have Been Widely Used in Various Industries

Infrared Sensors have Been Widely Used in Various Industries

Since infrared sensors with high sensitivity have realized non-contact temperature measurement, long-distance high temperature measurement and other functions, they have been widely used in various industries.

1. Night Vision Technology of Infrared Sensor

The infrared sensor is used in the camera to realize the night vision function. Infrared night vision, that is, in the state of night vision, the digital camera will emit infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye to illuminate the object, and then turn off the infrared filter and let infrared rays enter the CCD. Infrared rays are reflected by the object after entering the lens to imagine, what we see at this time is the image formed by the reflection of infrared rays, not by the reflection of visible light. This technology has been widely used in both military and civilian applications.

2. Infrared Detectors of Infrared Sensor

The core of the infrared system is an infrared detector. The infrared thermal sensor uses the radiant heating effect to cause the temperature to rise after the detection element receives the radiant energy, and then changes the temperature-dependent performance of the detector. By detecting a change in one of the properties, radiation can be detected.

3. Infrared non-destructive Testing of Infrared Sensor

The infrared nondestructive flaw detector can be used to inspect the internal defects of the component without any damage to the component structure. For example, it can check the welding quality of two metal plates and the use of infrared radiation flaw detectors can easily check for lack of weld.

It can be seen from the above that the application of infrared sensors is very wide. So if you need this product, welcome to choose Senba Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. Our products have been tested and the quality is worth for your trust!

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