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Infrared Thermopile Sensor Technology Has Contributed to the Epidemic Prevention and Control

Infrared Thermopile Sensor Technology Has Contributed to the Epidemic Prevention and Control

The Spring Festival in 2020 was destined to be unusual. The pneumonia epidemic caused by COVID-19 affects the hearts of people all over the world. People from all walks of life paid tribute to the heroes who fought on the front line and contributed to the fight against the epidemic in various ways.

In the process of preventing and controlling the novel coronavirus epidemic, medical products such as ventilators, monitors, oxygen generators, and negative pressure ambulances have played a major role, and these do not leave the support of sensor technology. Next, Senba will focus on the principle of infrared thermopile sensors and their key applications in this epidemic.

1. The application of infrared thermopile sensors

In the most extensive application field of infrared detectors, temperature measurement applications, thermopile-type detectors based on the pyroelectric effect can be used to achieve temperature measurement, and the temperature can be measured by measuring the thermoelectromotive force.

A thermopile is composed of multiple pairs of thermocouples connected in series, which has a larger output thermoelectric potential than a single thermocouple. As a non-contact infrared temperature measurement sensor, the thermopile can quickly measure the surface temperature of the object without direct contact with the object to be measured. It can measure high-temperature, dangerous or moving objects without polluting or damaging the object.

2. Infrared thermopile sensor in electronic thermometers

The electronic thermometer uses an infrared thermopile sensor to convert the infrared radiation radiated by the human body into electrical signal changes, thereby displaying the human body temperature. Compared with traditional mercury thermometers, electronic clinical thermometers have the advantages of higher safety, intuitive reading, short time and high accuracy.

Infrared thermopile sensors can be equipped with various lenses and filters, so as to realize applications in various application scenarios such as temperature measurement, qualitative/quantitative analysis of gas composition, and medical equipment.

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