Sensor Industry: Introduction of Light Sensor Packaging Applications

Sensor Industry: Introduction of Light Sensor Packaging Applications

Light sensor is one of the most common sensors. The kinds are diverse, such as photoelectric tube, photomultiplier tube, photosensitive sensor, photosensitive triode, solar cell, infrared sensor, ultraviolet sensor, optical fiber photoelectric sensor, color sensor, CCD and CMOS image sensor.


Optical sensor is one of the most productive and widely used sensors. It plays a very important role in automatic control and non-electric measurement technology. The simplest light sensor is a light sensor, which generates an electric current when the photon impacts the junction.


The product characteristics of the light sensor sealed UV adhesive:

1. Excellent bonding strength for plastic, glass, metal and other materials.

2. High transmittance, fast deep solidification, good toughness and anti-vibration and good stability of the adhesive layer

3. The glue has high viscosity, and it will have the deformation when contacting and have certain fluidity, which is beneficial to sizing.

4. Good weather resistance. It has passed EU ROSH standard and SGS test.

5. Excellent bending resistance, low shrinkage rate and high and low temperature resistance.

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