Knowledge about Thermopile Sensor

Knowledge about Thermopile Sensor

As a non-contact and fast human body temperature measuring equipment, infrared temperature measuring equipment has played an important role in this pandemic. Under the huge market gap, the capacity of forehead thermometer is in an emergency, and the thermopile sensors used for forehead thermometer are also in full swing.

Thermopile sensor is the core component of the forehead thermometer, and its capacity directly affects the market supply of the forehead thermometer. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Senba sensoring technology has fully supported the prevention and control work and stepped up the R&D and production of high-quality infrared temperature sensors with high standards, which has been unanimously recognized by customers.

Today, I would like to introduce an electric reactor sensor(ISB-TS45H.

thermopile sensor-1.jpg

ISB-TS45 sensor is a thermopile temperature sensor. Based on MEMS technology, this kind of sensor connects hundreds of thermocouples in series. According to the Seebeck principle, when there is a temperature difference between the target and the environment, the sensor outputs the corresponding voltage to detect the existence of the target or the temperature of the target.

Generally speaking, the thermopile sensor has four pins that one is grounded, one is the resistance of the thermistor inside the sensor, and the other two pins output voltage.

At present, there is a large amount of inquires on the thermopile sensor ISB-TS45H, and the order has been scheduled to the end of June. If there is a supplier who claims to have a large number of stocks in the market, please be careful. At the same time, please beware of shoddy products made by some counterfeiters to be sold as Senba ISB-TS45H products in order to avoid losses.

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