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Fast Response Light Dependent Resistor Dark Sensor φ10 Series for Switch


A photoelectric device can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. An intrinsic semiconductor has its own charge carriers and is not an efficient semiconductor, for example, silicon. In intrinsic devices the only available electrons are in the valence band, and hence the photon must have enough energy to excite the electron across the entire bandgap.


Coated with epoxy

Good reliability

Small volume

Good spectrum characteristic

Standard Type and Specifications

SpecificationTypeMaximum VoltageMaximum powerSpectrumpeak valueLight resistance(10Lux)(KΩ)Dark resistance(MΩ)Response time(ms)
φ10 seriesGL105162002005605- 1013030
GL1052820020056010- 2023030
GL10537-120020056020- 3033030
GL10537-220020056030- 5053030
GL1053920020056050- 10083030


Lead sulfide (PbS) and indium antimonide (InSb) LDRs (light-dependent resistors) are used for the mid-infrared spectral region.


1. What is the test condition?

Light resistance Irradiate by 400-600Lux light for two hours, then test with 10Lux under standard light source A(as colour temperature 2856K)

Dark resistance Refer to the resistance value ten seconds after the 10Lux light is shut up.

2. Samples.

Free samples are available for testing.

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