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Photoresistance φ3 Series from Senba for Lamps


Light dependent resistors, LDRs or photoresistors are often used in circuits where it is necessary to detect the presence or the level of light. They can be described by a variety of names from light dependent resistor, LDR, photoresistor, or even photo cell, photocell or photoconductor.


Small volume

Fast response

Good spectrum characteristic

Standard Type and Specifications

SpecificationTypeMaximum VoltageMaximum powerSpectrumpeak valueLight resistance(10Lux)(KΩ)Dark resistance(MΩ)Response time(ms)
φ 3seriesGL3516100505405- 100.63030
GL35261005054010- 2013030
GL3537-11005054020- 3023030
GL3537-21005054030- 5033030
GL3547-11005054050- 10053030


They have a very simple structure and they are low cost and rugged devices.They are widely used in many different items of electronic equipment including photographic light meters, fire or smoke alarms as well as burglar alarms, and they also find uses as lighting controls for street lamps.


1. What is the size for LDR?

φ3 series, φ4 series, φ5 series, φ7 series, φ10 series, φ12 series, φ20 series.

2. What is your production capitable?

5 million Pieces per Month

3. Which of the photoresistor's will be the best to allow an led to only come on in complete darkness

It depends on the circuit you intend to use. 

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