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Photoresistor or light-dependent resistor (the latter is abbreviated as ldr) or lightconductor (photoconductor), commonly used materials are cadmium sulfide, in addition to selenium, aluminum sulfide, lead sulfide and barium sulfide. 

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Flat- Head Photosensitive Sensor Diam 5mm LS06- M for Electronic Toy from Senba Manufacturer


A regular transistor is an electrical component that limits the flow of current by a certain amount dependent on current applied to itself through another pin - so there is the collector, emitter, and 'base', which controls how much current can pass through the collector through to the emitter.

A phototransistor, on the other hand, uses the level of light it detects to determine how much current can pass through the circuit. So, if the sensor is in a dark room, it only lets a small amount of current through. If it detects a bright light, it lets a larger amount of current through.


1. Original manufacturer 
2. Replace photo cell   
3. MOQ 1000PCS 
4. Free samples are available

5. Linear output conforming to illuminance
6. Temperature Stable
7. Low dark current and Low working Lux 


Colloid ColorWater clearWater clearGrey
Light Current(uA)100356
Dark Current(uA)<1uA<0.5uA<0.5uA
C-E Breakdown Voltage(V)30707.5
E-C Breakdown Voltage(V)6.575
Spectral Response(nm)450~ 1050450~ 1050450~ 700
Half Angle100°100°100°


1. Night light and Electronic toy controls.
2. Cemera exposure.
3. Switch for Photoelectric equipments.

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