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Photoresistor or light-dependent resistor (the latter is abbreviated as ldr) or lightconductor (photoconductor), commonly used materials are cadmium sulfide, in addition to selenium, aluminum sulfide, lead sulfide and barium sulfide. 

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Photo Cell Circuit with Rohs Certification LS07- A for Porch LED


How light sensor used in security?

There are many more uses than consumer convenience, however. Detecting intrusion into containers or rooms is an important security application. When shipping expensive cargo, it can be important to know when a shipping container has been opened, so that cases involving loss of product can be solved easier. A cheap photo-resistor could be used to log each time the container is opened, so it can be determined at what point in the process thieves raided the container, or if the sender was being dishonest and claimed the container must have been robbed.


1. Original manufacturer 
2. Replace photo cell 
3. MOQ 1000PCS 
4. Free samples are available

5. Linear output conforming to illuminance
6. Temperature Stable
7. Low dark current and Low working Lux 


TypeLS06- BMLLS07- Aφ5
Colloid ColorWater clearWater clear
Light Current(uA)640
Dark Current(uA)<0.5uA<0.5uA
C-E Breakdown Voltage(V)7.530
E-C Breakdown Voltage(V)56.5
Spectral Response(nm)450~ 700450~ 1050
Half Angle80°60°


1. Night light and Electronic toy controls.
2. Cemera exposure.
3. Switch for Photoelectric equipments.

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