Our History

Our History

The development history of Senba:


2005: Senba Company was established to create a pioneer in the development and production of domestic pyroelectric infrared sensor


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2008: Senba's products have been widely recognized in the market and become a well-known brand in the domestic photoelectric motion sensor field.

2012: Senba conducts resource integration, encourages executives and core employees to hold shares. In this year, the company was changed to "Limited Company".

2013: The digital intelligent PIR was successfully developed and put into production in batches. The revenue of this year exceeded 100 million yuan.

2017: IPO,  became a listed company (300701) specializing in the manufacture of photoelectric sensors such as infrared sensing and visible light sensing.



2018: The company officially changed its name to "Senba Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.


Future: Based on the sensor field, we will make full use of the advantages of the capital market platform to build a local sensor brand in China.


The company has been awarded:

  •   "National High-Tech Enterprise"

  • "China's Top 100 Electronic Components"

  • “Henan Province Top 30 Electronic Information Industry”

  • “Nanyang Engineering Technology Research Center”

  • “Top 50 Private Enterprises in Nanyang City”

  •   "Alibaba Gold Supplier"