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SB312 Passive Infrared Sensor Module 2s Not Adjustable for Home Security System


New Smart PIR Sensor Module with improved digital sensor.

This unit has enhanced delay time adjustments, with an expanded range from 2 seconds to 70 minutes. The unit includes an integral light sensor with adjustable sensitivity, the unit is suitable for outdoor and indoor mounting. Detecting length is also adjustable. The output is a standard TTL output signal, that can be used with a microcontroller or for switching lights, etc.


1. IC integrated 
2. Digital Signal Processing 
3. Insensitive to RF interferenced 
4. For Security Systems


Model NO.SB312
Supply CurrentDC3V~ 12V
Current Drain<20uA
Voltage OutputHigh level signal:3.0V, Standby output  is 0V
Delay time2s not adjustable
Operation Temperature-20℃~ 60℃
Infrared SensorDual element, low noise, high sensitivity
Light SensorNo CDS
TTL OutputTTL output can be directly connected to micro controller or logic device
SensitivityHigh Sensitivity

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