Precautions for PIR Processing

Precautions for PIR Processing

a. The lead of the sensor base is recommended to be soldered at a position of 4 mm or more. The soldering time should be as short as possible. When soldering, please keep the soldering iron at a temperature below 350 °C for 3 seconds.

b. If static electricity is applied above ±200V, it may cause damage. Please pay attention to avoid touching the terminal directly. It is recommended to use an anti-static wrist strap.

c. Do not touch the window directly with your hands and hard objects. Try to avoid cleaning the sensor, otherwise the cleaning solution will invade the inside of the lens, which may cause performance deterioration.

d. Vigorous vibration should be avoided because this may cause performance deterioration.

e. If you drop the product by accident, please judge it as NG product .

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