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Pressure Transmitter

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Model 179 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Accuracy: ±0.25%, ±0.40% or ±0.60% of span
Differential Pressure Ranges:
Unidirectional: 0.10 in.W.C. to 100.00 in.W.C.
Bidirectional: ±0.10 in.W.C. to ±50.00 in.W.C.
NEMA 1; ABS enclosure
Mounting: surface mount
Output signal: current or voltage


The Model 179 Series are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters in HVAC building automation, high accuracy pharmaceutical and health care facilities. The patented variable capacitance pressure sensor is constructed by stainless steel and glass, no glue or other organics. That provides excellent performance, corrosion resistance and long-term stability, the Model 161 delivers reliable measurements below 0.05 inches of water. 


● Up to 15 PSI Proof Pressure on all Ranges

● Miswiring Full Protection

● Unsymmetrical Bidirectional Pressure Ranges

● True Zero Output for Voltage Unit



HVAC and VAV Control

Clean Room and Isolation Rooms

Duct Static Pressure Measurement

Draft Control and Fume Hood Control

Furnace Air Flow Control

Power Plant Air Flow Monitor and Control

Certificates & Approvals: CE & RoHS

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