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Analog Optoisolator

Analog Optoisolator

Linear optocoupler is an optoelectronic device that controls the change in resistance by a change in input current. It is an analog linear optocoupler made by CdS and LED semiconductor, which has been carefully selected, aged and tested. This product is a current input control type, pure resistance non-polar output, has been widely used.

Generally, an illuminator (infrared light emitting diode (LED)) and a light receiver (photosensitive semiconductor tube, photoresistor) are packaged in the same package.

The main advantages of the optocoupler are: one-way transmission of the signal, the input end and the output end are completely electrically isolated, the output signal has no influence on the input end, the anti-interference ability is strong, the work is stable, no contact, long service life, transmission efficiency high.