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Square Fresnel Lens F-11 for SMD PIR Motion Sensor
Square Fresnel Lens F-11 for SMD PIR Motion Sensor

Square Fresnel Lens F-11 for SMD PIR Motion Sensor


F-11 is specially design for SMD type PIR sensor, which is widely used in smart home, smart device, lighting and alarm. Because of its  Because of its mini size, it is also prefered by many customer to work with normal DIP PIR sensors.

The fresnel lens is a optical components, one side is smooth, another side is by a ring a part of concentric garden composition. Fresnel lens arrays designed for Passive Infrared Sensor. The optical surface increases lens sensitivity for PIR sensor application. All the PIR sensor must work with the Fresnel Lens.

The Advantages of Products

1. Easy to install

2. High quanlity

3. Factory price


Model Number: SB-F-11

Overall size: 7.8*7.8*3.6mm

Detectable distance: 4m

Viewing angle: 70°

Color: Transparent/ Black

Material: HDPE


1. What is the payment term?

TT 100% in advance.

2. What is the package.

Plastic bag.

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