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Solution of PIR Alarm System

Solution of PIR Alarm System

The PIR alarm system is used to prevent problems before they occur. It is used to achieve a more thorough all-round management of the periphery and important jurisdictions in the building. The PIR alarm system monitors the security status of the working area, combined with the internal intercom system, and responds remotely, which can reduce the work intensity of the management personnel and improve the management quality and management efficiency. The PIR alarm system consists of three parts: detector, area controller and alarm control center.

Infrared detectors

The PIR alarm system uses infrared detectors to arm key areas and important locations inside and outside the building. When an illegal intruder is detected, the signal is transmitted to the alarm controller and an audible and visual alarm is activated. It can not only deter the intruder, but also notify the management staff. It will display the address in the background and the management staff will handle it.

Area controller

After the system starts the alarm host through the keyboard, it enters the guard state. If someone enters the defense zone illegally, the indoor detector will be triggered. At this time, the system will detect and confirm the alarm signal (that is, send out an alarm), and send the signal to the control host to send out an alarm to achieve a preventive effect. When the staff enters, they only need to use the keyboard to disarm the anti-theft system (that is, disarm), and the detector in the defensive zone will be temporarily closed. In case of emergency, you can activate the emergency button and ask the security center for help. The control host sends the originally set address code and alarm category to the alarm center (that is, 110, police station) via the telephone line. The computer in the alarm center detects and recognizes the sent data, retrieves relevant information from the database, and displays relevant information about the police information and location.

Alarm control center

The alarm host of the PIR alarm system will monitor the working conditions of the front-end alarm systems from time to time to ensure that the system operates 24 hours a day to keep safety. When a signal interruption or fault is detected, the system will display the fault area and prompt the staff to deal with it. At the same time, the infrared anti-theft alarm system is linked to the closed-circuit monitoring system to switch the camera image near the alarm scene to the monitor, and the video recorder is connected in parallel to record.

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