The Advantages of Digital PIR Sensor

The Advantages of Digital PIR Sensor

Digital PIR sensor is a new type of electronic weighing sensor developed on the basis of traditional resistance strain sensor, combined with modern microelectronics technology and microcomputer technology integration. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Solve the problem of poor signal of analog sensor:

The output signal of digital PIR sensor is about 3~4 V, and its anti-interference ability is much more than millions of analog signal.

2. Solve the problem of radio frequency interference:

In the design of digital infrared sensors, the anti-interference ability has been considered. They can be in the high interference area and ensure the measurement performance.

3. Solve the problem of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion:

The digital infrared sensor adopts 100% stainless steel welding shell.

4. Solve the problem of lightning protection, off-load and temperature influence:

The digital infrared sensor has the ability of lightning protection and high current discharge, which is particularly important in outdoor installations. In addition, the digital weighing sensor can automatically compensate and adjust the impact caused by unbalanced load and temperature change.

5. Solve time effect

When the load time is added to the sensor, its output often changes greatly. The digital PIR sensor automatically compensates for creep using software in the internal microprocessor.

6. The digital PIR sensor has higher precision, reliability and stability, which can reduce the error often caused by analog sensor:

The corrected data is stored in each sensor in digital form, which can reduce the accumulated error caused by analog signal.

7. Self-diagnosis function

The digital PIR sensor has the function of self-diagnosis, which could continuously detect  the internal working condition. When the fault is detected, it will send out the error code, which greatly reduces the possibility of missing the detection fault.

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