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The Advantages of Smart Lighting

The Advantages of Smart Lighting

(1) Good energy-saving effect

The main purpose of using PIR motion sensor LED lights is to save energy. PIR motion sensor LED lights use various "pre-set" control methods and control elements to accurately set and manage the illuminance in different environments at different times to achieve energy saving. This way of automatic adjustment of illuminance makes full use of outdoor natural light. Only when it is necessary, it will light up or point the lamp to the required brightness. It uses the least energy to ensure the required illuminance level, and the power saving effect is very obvious, generally up to more than 30%. In addition, the PIR motion sensor LED light can be dimmed by itself, which reduces the content of harmonics, improves the power factor, and reduces low-voltage reactive power loss.

(2) Extend the life of the light source

Extending the life of the light source can not only save a lot of money, but also greatly reduce the workload of replacing the lamp tube, reduce the operating cost of the lighting system, and simplify the management and maintenance. Whether it is a thermal radiation light source or a gas discharge light source, the fluctuation of the grid voltage is a main reason for the damage of the light source. Therefore, effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the grid voltage can extend the life of the light source.

(3) Improvement of the working environment and work efficiency

A good working environment is a necessary condition for improving work efficiency. Good design, reasonable selection of light sources, lamps and excellent PIR lighting control system can improve the quality of lighting.

(4) Rich lighting effects

A variety of lighting control methods can make the same building have a variety of artistic effects and add a lot of color to the building. In modern buildings, lighting is not only to meet people's visual light and shade effect, but also should have a variety of control schemes to make the building more vivid, more artistic and give people rich visual effect and aesthetic feeling. Taking a project as an example, if the exhibition hall, lecture hall, lobby and atrium in the building are equipped with PIR motion sensor LED light, and the corresponding preset scene is used for control, rich artistic effects can be achieved.

(5) High rate of economic return

Estimating from the two items of power saving and light saving, it is concluded that in three to five years, the owner can basically recover all the increased costs of the PIR motion sensor LED lights. The PIR motion sensor LED light can not only improve the environment, improve staff efficiency and reduce maintenance and management costs, but also save a considerable amount of money for owners.

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