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The Future Development Trend of Infrared Sensors

The Future Development Trend of Infrared Sensors

With the development of modern science and technology, the development of infrared sensors will be broader. In the future development, the performance and sensitivity of infrared sensor will be greatly improved, and its development trends are mainly as follows:

(1) Intelligent Infrared Sensor

The current infrared sensor is mainly used in combination with peripheral equipment, and the smart sensor has a built-in microprocessor, which can realize two-way communication between the sensor and the control unit. It has the advantages of miniaturization, digital communication, and simple maintenance, and can work independently as a module.

(2) Miniaturization of Infrared Sensor

It is an inevitable trend  of sensor miniaturization. In current applications, due to the size of the infrared sensor, its use is far less than that of the thermoelectric corner. Therefore, the miniaturization of infrared sensor can not be ignored to its development.

(3) High Sensitivity and High Performance of Infrared Sensor

In human body temperature testing of medical field, China infrared sensor has been used because of the rapidity of measurement. However, thery cannot replace the existing body temperature measurement methods, limited by their low accuracy. Therefore, high sensitivity and high performance of infrared sensors should be focused on in the future.

Although there are still many shortcomings of infrared sensors at this stage, infrared sensors have played a huge role in modern production practices. With the improvement of detection equipment and other parts of the technology, infrared sensors can have more performance and better sensitivity and they will also have a wider range of applications.

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