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The Future of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

The Future of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

Pyroelectric infrared sensor technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in recent years. Infrared sensors have been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, astronomy, meteorology, industry, military and textile applications. And it plays an important and irreplaceable role in these fields.

Infrared is essentially an electromagnetic radiation wave, and its wavelength range is roughly in the 0.78~1000M spectrum range. Since it is the light outside the red light in the visible light, it is named infrared light. Any object with a temperature higher than absolute zero will radiate energy in the form of infrared rays to outer space.

The sensing technology that uses infrared radiation to achieve related physical measurements is infrared sensing technology.

In recent years, the development trend of infrared sensors is mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

1. Development of new materials and processing technology:

With new materials and processing technology, the infrared detection rate of the pyroelectric infrared sensor is increased, the response wavelength is increased, the pixel sensitivity and pixel density are higher, the interference is improved, and the production cost is reduced.

2. Large-scale and multifunctional pyroelectric infrared sensor:

With the development of micro-electric technology and the continuous expansion of the application field of sensors, pyroelectric infrared sensors are developing from small and single-function to large-scale and multi-functional.

The large-scale infrared sensor (16 * 16 to 64 * 64 pixels) developed by famous foreign companies can not only measure the temperature field, but also obtain the advanced human body detection function (that is, accurately locating the position of an individual in the space. Even if a person is not active, it can be recognized) or the security monitoring function in large areas, which is not possessed by the small-scale infrared sensor. It is very suitable for home automation, health care, security and other occasions. In addition, the development of a new multispectral sensor has greatly improved the functionality of the infrared imaging array.

3. Intelligentization of sensors:

New intelligent pyroelectric infrared sensors usually have multiple microprocessors built-in, which have advanced digital signal processing or compensation functions such as Fourier transform, wavelet transform, self-diagnosis function, two-way digital communication and other functions, which greatly improve the stability, reliability, signal-to-noise ratio, convenience and other performance of the sensor.

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