The Six Uses of Infrared Detectors

The Six Uses of Infrared Detectors

Infrared detectors are devices used to detect light signals that are invisible to the human eye. It converts the infrared light signal into a certain measurable physical quantity to realize perception.

Infrared systems involve imaging, imaging spectroscopy, intelligent detection and other issues. So, where can infrared detectors be used?

1. Meteorological forecast of infrared detectors

Because of the meteorological satellites and the satellites monitoring day and night and sending satellite cloud images, typhoon forecasts are becoming more and more accurate. In particular, the infrared detector components on the satellite are made into remote sensing instruments and placed on the satellite to be able to observe and obtain various images.

2. Ground imaging of infrared detectors

The larger the scale of the infrared detector, the clearer it will be. The large scale means that there are more pixels. Currently, the largest scale is the 64 million pixels made in the United States.

3. Military reconnaissance by infrared detectors

Infrared reconnaissance is divided into ground, sea, air and space reconnaissance. Space reconnaissance mainly refers to the use of infrared remote sensing equipment on reconnaissance satellites to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance of targets from space orbit.

4. The environmental monitoring of infrared detectors

In 2011, the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan caused the leakage of radioactive materials. The US Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a map of the prediction results of the flow of polluted seawater, which was made based on infrared imaging. To achieve accurate identification, the infrared detector needs to have a more complex structure, made into a multi-chamber device, and use different wavelengths of different channels to identify.

5. Airport security check of infrared detectors

Scientists are working to extend the detector's band to terahertz. Because terahertz waves have a certain penetration depth, they have important applications in imaging, such as airport security, national defense, and trench oil detection. In front of the terahertz body security device, the hidden weapons of the terrorists are revealed.

6. Smart medical care of infrared detectors

The application of intelligent detection devices is an important development direction of optical systems. The future smart earth, smart city, and smart medical care will all rely on sensors, detectors and their analysis. For example, by putting on a wearable device with sensors for the captain of a civil aviation and sending the electrocardiogram to the analysis center at any time, he can analyze whether the electrocardiogram is normal according to the model, thereby preventing air accidents.

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