Thermopile Sensor

Thermopile Sensor

(1) Brief introduction of thermopile sensor

Thermopile is a kind of component that can mutually transform temperature difference and electric energy. It is composed of two or more thermocouples in series. The thermoelectric potential output by each thermocouple is superimposed on each other. When temperature difference occurs on both sides of thermopile, current will be generated, which can be used to measure small temperature difference or average temperature.

When thermopile is used to measure temperature, it can overcome the disadvantage that the potential difference produced by a single thermocouple is too small to be measured, and avoid the use of expensive high-precision operational amplifiers.

(2) Thermopile sensor structure

In structure, thermopile is composed of many thermocouples. The radiation receiving surface is divided into several blocks, each of which is connected with a thermocouple and connected in series to form a thermopile. According to different applications, the practical thermopile can be made into thin-wire type and thin-film type, as well as multi-channel type and array type.

(3) Thermopile sensor applications:

Thermopile infrared detector can be equipped with various lenses and filters, so as to realize the application in various application scenarios such as temperature measurement, qualitative / quantitative analysis of gas composition, medical equipment, etc.

At present, it has been widely used in the fields of forehead thermometer, ear thermometer, intelligent home appliances, lamp switch, food temperature detection, etc.

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