Troubleshooting of Digital Pir Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Group

Troubleshooting of Digital Pir Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Group

Digital pir obstacle avoidance sensor is a digital input module, which is also called proximity switch, infrared switch and photoelectric switch.

Question: Is the digital pir obstacle avoidance sensor a digital pir sensor or an analog pir sensor?

Answer: This is a digital pir sensor, and the switch is the NPN photoelectric switch which is  normally open; the output state is 0,1, that is, the low level and high level in the digital circuit, and output is in the high level at the normal state, detecting the low level of the target output.


Question: Can you connect it to the IO port of the single chip computer?

Answer: It can be directly connected to the IO port of MCU.


Question: What is the value of the pull resistance added?

Answer: Plus the resistance value of the pull resistance, the resitstance value is generally about 10K.


Question: Why is the light always on when the power is connected?

Answer: Firstly, the power supply should be stable at 5V plus 2 percent. Secondly, the output terminal of the probe can not be connected to the output port of the single chip computer.


Question: Why is the indicator always on when connected to the infrared switching power supply?

Answer: 1. Please check whether the power supply is connected wrongly, that is, the infrared output is connected to the positive pole of the power supply; 2. Please check if there are obstacles in the direction of the probe, preferably in the open direction.

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