What Are the Importance of IR Temperature Sensors?

What Are the Importance of IR Temperature Sensors?

An infrared body temperature sensor is a small category of many sensors. And this epidemic also made people once again realize the importance of sensors. Sensing technology is the foundation of the Internet of Everything, which affects the innovative applications and industrial development of big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technologies. Among them, eight sensitive components and sensors such as sound-sensitive, force-sensitive, magnetic-sensitive, gas-sensitive, photosensitive, temperature and humidity, RFID radio frequency, medium biology (test paper, enzyme electrode) are used in various prevention and control without exception, which are irreplaceable. So, how important is an infrared temperature sensor?

Ⅰ. Application and great importance of IR temperature sensors in the country

Our country has set up special funds to support it to comprehensively enhance industry influence and international competitiveness. Focus on improving the innovative research and development capabilities of sensitive mechanisms, sensitive materials, and new processes, and accelerate the innovative R&D and industrialization of various new sensitive materials and composite functional materials. The application level and capabilities of various new process technologies such as silicon bonding and fusion sealing, plastic packaging, and special structure packaging.

Ⅱ. Comprehensively improve the industrialization capability of infrared body temperature sensor

Focus on supporting the development of process technology based on materials such as semiconductors, ceramics, metals, polymers, superconductors, optical fibers, nanometers, and various composite materials, and encourage enterprises to increase their sensitivity to force magnetism, gas, light, heat, humidity, and ion, Ray-sensitive, bio-sensitive, millimeter-wave, laser radar, and other production process equipment investment to promote the improvement of the overall level of industrialization.

Ⅲ. Improve the intelligence level of infrared body temperature sensor products

Focus on supporting sensor products with digital compensation, networking, intelligence, and multi-functional composite technology. Promote the development of products in the direction of integration, composite, miniaturization, high reliability, high stability, low power consumption, low cost and other functions, integration, and standardization; focus on supporting and promoting the development of the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, industrial Internet, The new generation of communication networks, as well as the development needs of smart cities and robots, as well as the industrialization of smart sensor products with outstanding personalized indicators and characteristics, will break through barriers and bottlenecks in production and use.

Ⅳ. Improve the standard of infrared body temperature sensor technology

Formulate industry norms and standards, accelerate the improvement of public service capabilities such as third-party testing of sensor products, and encourage enterprises to set up professional product testing centers that meet the requirements of public service capabilities and standards. The manufacturers of infrared body temperature sensors and related industries should form industrial alliances, formulate alliance standards to actively promote cross-industry, cross-professional, and cross-enterprise horizontal alliances.

The focus is on the cultivation of high-end talents. Encourage professional institutions and scientific research institutes to cultivate specialized high-end talents in the infrared body temperature sensor industry chain; focus on cross-industry integration and compound talent training; focus on cultivating innovative entrepreneurs. Encourage and support the formation of leading enterprises and industry leaders through market-oriented reorganization, mergers, and acquisitions and enhance the competitiveness of the entire industry.

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