What is the General Composition of an Infrared Sensor System?

What is the General Composition of an Infrared Sensor System?

Infrared sensor system includes optical system, detection element and conversion circuit optical system. The working principle of the infrared sensor system is not complicated. The entities of each part of a typical sensor system are:

1. Target to be tested

The infrared system can be set according to the infrared radiation characteristics of the target to be measured.

2. Atmospheric attenuation

When the infrared radiation of the measuring target passes through the earth's atmosphere, the infrared radiation emitted by the infrared source will attenuate due to the scattering and absorption of gas molecules, various gases and various sol particles.

3. Optical receiver

It receives part of the infrared radiation of the target and transmits it to the infrared sensor, which is equivalent to radar antenna, commonly used as objective lens.

4. Radiation modulator

The radiant light from the target under test is modulated and changed to provide target azimuth information, and can filter out large-area interference signals.

5. Infrared detector

This is the core of the infrared sensor system. It is a sensor that uses the physical effects presented by the interaction between infrared radiation and matter to detect infrared radiation, and in most cases, it is the electrical effects presented by this interaction.

6. Detector cooler

Because some detectors must work at low temperature, the corresponding system must have refrigeration equipment, which can shorten the response time and improve the detection sensitivity.

7. Signal processing system

It can amplify and filter the detected signals, extract information from these signals, and then convert such information into the required format, and finally send it to the control device or display.

8. Display device

This is the terminal device of the infrared device. Commonly used displays include oscilloscopes, picture tubes, infrared sensitive materials, indicating instruments and recorders.

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