Senba Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

Owning very strong R&D Center, Senba can research and develop the pyroelectric infrared sensor independently, which has become the first owner of this special technology enterprise in China, It was awarded as “Henan high-tech enterprises” in 2006 and awarded as “Notional high-tech enterprises” in 2012.

  • Digital PIR Sensor
    On a digital smart integrated circuit chip, a digital smart integrated circuit converts a signal into a 15-bit ADC Digital signal, when the ...
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  • Analog PIR Sensor
    PIR, pyroelectric infrared sensor, is normally known as a motion detector. It is a passive sensor based on measuring infrared light radiatin...
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  • LDR Photoresistors
    Light dependent resistor is made of semi conductor material, and the conductance changs with light.
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  • Analog Optoisolator
    Linear optocoupler is an optoelectronic device that controls the change in resistance by a change in input current.
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  • Linear Light Sensor
    Photoresistor or light-dependent resistor (the latter is abbreviated as ldr) or lightconductor (photoconductor), commonly used materials are...
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  • Fresnel Lens
    Fresnel lens, also known as threaded lens, Fresnel lens is mostly made of polyolefin material, the surface of the lens is smooth, and the ot...
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  • PIR Sensor Module
    Pyroelectric sensor is a kind of sensor, also known as human body infrared sensor, used for life burglar alarm, visitor notification, etc., ...
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  • Infrared Bandpass Fliter
    Infrared bandpass fliter can sharply blocklight under special wavelength, effectively transmit required energy. Infrared bandpass fliter is ...
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About Senba

Senba Sensing Technology Co.,Ltd., was founded in 2005, with the focus on producing the top quality photoelectric components, such as  PIR sensors, Photoresistors and Light Sensors ,etc.

The company head quarter and the manufacturer facility are located in a beautifully landscaped industrial park, named after Senba, in Nanyang, Henan. In order to provide better customer services, we also have set up branches in Shenzhen, Ningbo, Wenzhou. Until now, Senba has become the most advanced manufacturer specialized in PIR sensor in China. With most complete product lines to offer, we have more than 50% of the Chinese market share, and export to Brazil, Korea, Israel, UK, USA and other countries.  Our products have been widely used in tots, lighting, switches, household appliances, medical, industry, security, military and other fields.

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