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Fresnel Lens

Fresnel Lens

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Fresnel Lens

PROD Model:8120-2

Material : HDPE

Overall Size:Grain diameter 8.7mm(φ10.2*8.2mm)

Focal Length:5.2mm

Detectable Distance:5m

Viewing Angle:120°

Pins : 3 pins
Color : primary color、black、milky (Color customization is acceptable)

General Description

Widely used in human body sensor switch, alarm, infrared thermometer and
infrared imaging and other aspects. It can provide users with different
sensing angles, sensing distances, sizes, and test ratios. Fresnel lens
function: first, focusing effect; The second is to divide the detection
area into several bright and dark areas, so that the moving objects
entering the detection area can produce a change pyroelectric infrared
signal on the PIR (passive infrared detector) in the form of temperature


Smart door lock

Smart doorbell

Technical Data
PROD Model 8120-2
Material HDPE
Overall size Grain diameter 8.7mm(φ10.2*8.2mm)
Focal length 5.2mm
Detectable distance 5m
Viewing angle 120°
Pins 3pins
Color primary color、black、milky (Color customization is acceptable)

Dimension (Unit=mm)


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