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Impeccable Quality

Quality is the life of an enterprise, Senba Sensor has always focused on product quality control, under the guidance of lean thinking, continuous improvement. In order to improve the reliability and quality consistency of products, various kinds of testing instruments and intelligent, automatic production equipment have been purchased. Through information upgrading, from incoming material inspection to finished product delivery, traceability of the whole process, multi-node and post information can be realized. Senba Sensor has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, has been awarded national high-tech enterprise, Henan Province Quality benchmark, Henan Smart Factory, Nanyang pyroelectric infrared sensor Engineering Technology Research Center and many other honorary qualifications.

Impeccable Quality

Market-Leading Products

Market-Leading Products

Senba Sensor is the first in the industry to launch the third generation of MINI SMD plastic patch sensor. The miniaturization design is more suitable for the appearance design of ultra-thin terminal products. SMT structure, more convenient for customers to mount SMT, low defect rate of solder joints, effectively reduce costs; High degree of intelligence, to meet the needs of customers for various applications; Low voltage, micro power consumption, prolong the service life of terminal products; Plastic shell encapsulation, high sealing performance, improve the reliability of products; A number of reliability verification, to meet customer use in a variety of environments. As Senba Sensor's new generation of high-end pyroelectric infrared sensors, this product is mainly used in high-end smart home products, tablet computers, high-end lighting products and other fields. At present, it has been recognized and selected by many leading enterprises in the smart home industry.

Professional Service

Professional Service

Senba Sensor is a professional sensor supplier integrating research and development, production, sales and service. It is a leading enterprise in mastering the core technology of pyroelectric infrared sensor and mass production in China after the United States and Japan. The company has focused on pyroelectric infrared sensor for 18 years, and has mastered the research and development technology of infrared filter and infrared sensitive ceramics as the two core materials and has the capacity of mass production.

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