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Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

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Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

PROD Model: S22-P340R

Window Size: 4*4mm

Sensing Distance: 6M (lens SB-SF-01)

See lens selection for different distances

Sensing Angle: 110° (horizontal direction)

Working Voltage: 1.6-5.5V

Static Power Consumption: <10uA

Recommended Supporting IC: Customized MCU

General Description

S22-P340R is a low-power pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR) for motion detection. Using the MCU for communication, when the RS412 performs continuous motion sensing, the MCU does not need to be activated, it only activates the external MCU when motion is detected. Motion detection results are sent out via the output interrupt signal. The algorithm for motion detection is programmable and can be changed by external MCU configuration. The PIR signal is converted into a 14-bit digital value on the chip, and then enters the motion algorithm detection unit. All signal processing is digital and supports motion detection result output and raw data output.


Mini size , suitable for ultra-thin product design 

SMD reflow soldering process

Programmable detection standard and working mode

Low voltage ,low power consumption

Technical Data







Working Temp




View of Angle





Theoretical Angle

Storage Temp




Spectral Response






1. The factory parameters of the sensor are obtained after a few minutes of stabilization time under the standard black body and stable test environment.

2. The sensor needs to be used with a Fresnel lens to achieve the ideal sensing angle and sensing distance.

3. The sensing distance of the sensor is directly related to the ambient temperature and humidity, the temperature and moving direction of the acquisition target, the Fresnel lens, and the magnification setting. Please consider it comprehensively when using it.

4. The sensitive components inside the sensor are relatively thin and brittle. Please handle it with care when using it. High-frequency vibration or drop impact may cause the sensitive components to break.

5. The sensor window is a silicon-based semiconductor special material vacuum-coated filter lens. Please do not touch it directly with your hands or hard objects.

6. Selection of sensor window: analog in-line dual-element products: S: 3*4mm, B: 3.8*5mm, digital in-line dual-element products: S: 3*4mm, L: 3.8*5mm, M: 4.2*5.2 mm, in-line quaternary products: X: 4*4mm, Q: 4.9*4.9mm. For details, please communicate with the salesperson.

7. Sensor lead length selection: the default default is 13.5mm. If you have other needs, you can consult the salesman for details. Customized lead length is supported.

8. For other details of the sensor, please refer to the product manual.

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