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Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

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Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor

PROD Model: W222S

Window Size: 3*4mm

Output Signal:Analog signal output

Sensing Distance: 10M (lens SB-F-02)

See lens selection for different distances

Sensing Angle: 120° (horizontal direction)

Working Voltage: 3-15V

Static Noise: <80mV

Recommended Supporting IC: ISB6601L, RS8034, ISB02, BISS0001

General Description

The pyroelectric infrared sensor W222S adopts a dual-sensitive element
design, and internally adjusts the filter circuit parameters, which
enhances the anti-RF interference ability of the product and improves
the working stability of the sensor.


Analog signal output

Immunity to RF interference

Technical Data


Window size
Infrared acceptance electrodes 2.6*1mm   2elements
EncapsulationTo- 5
Received wavelength514μ m
Transmittance  75%
Output signal peak [Vp-p] 3000mV
Sensitivity 3300V/W
Detection rate(D*)1.4   ×108 cmHz1/2/W
Noise peak [Vp-p]<80mV
Output balance
Source voltage
Supply voltage
Operating Temp-30~70ºC
Storage Temp-40~80ºC

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