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Visible Light Sensor

Visible Light Sensor

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Visible Light Sensor

PROD Model:φ20

Maximum Applied Voltage: the maximum voltage that can be continuously applied to a component in the dark

Dark Resistance: resistance value at 10 seconds after 10Lux illumination is turned off

Maximum Power Consumption: maximum power consumption when the ambient temperature is 25 ° C

Bright Resistance: after 2 hours of exposure with 400-600Lux light, the
test value under 10Lux light of standard light source (color temperature

γ Value: logarithm of the ratio of the standard resistance value at 10Lux illuminance to 100Lux illuminance

γ= Lg(R10/R100) /Lg (100/10) =Lg(R10/R100)

General Description

A photoresistor is a resistance made of a
semiconductor material whose conductivity changes with the change of
illuminance. This feature is used to make photoresistors of different
shapes and light-receiving areas. Photoresistors are widely used in
toys, lamps, cameras and other industries.


Epoxy encapsulation

Good reliability

Small size

High sensitivity

Fast response

Good spectral characteristics

Technical Data
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