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Visible Light Sensor

Visible Light Sensor

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SMD 1206-30

Visible Light Sensor

PROD Model:SMD 1206-30

Product Feature:low power consumption, high reliability and consistency

Photocurrent: VDD=5V, EV=10Lux 18-40uA

Photowavelength Peak:850nm

Photowavelength range:450-1050nm

Power Consumption : 70mW

Recommend Supporting Resistor:high stable resistance

General Description

1. Replace traditional photoresistors (CDS), free of cadmium, lead and other harmful substances,complies with EU ROHS standards.

2. Automatically adjust the backlight , such as :LCD,mobile phone,camera,computer camera etc.

3. Suitable for all kinds of light-controlled lighting products and toys, such as: night light, etc.

4. Suitable for all kinds of infrared monitoring products.


Peak sensitivity wavelength 850nm

Low power consumption

High reliability

Good batch consistency,completely solve the phenomenon of premature lamp start or poor consistency

Fast response speed,stable performance ,+85℃ high temperature/65% high temperature aging 1000H starting point does not drift

Avilable in different form factors upon request,it is easy to install anywhere in the product

Technical Data

1. Maximum  rating (Ta = 25℃)

Collector-emitter voltageVCEO20V
Emitter-collector voltageVCEO5V
Power consumption PC70MW
Operating temperatureTopr-25~+85
Storage temperatureTstg-40~+100

2.Optoelectronic characteristics (Ta = 25℃) Note:The test light source adopts 2850K color temperature LED

ParametersymbolTest Condition MinTypicalMaxUnit
Light Current
Dark CurrentICEOVDD=5V,EV=0LUX~~0.2μA
Photowavelength Peakλp       

Photowavelength Rangeλp     450~1050
Collector-emitter VoltageBvceoIC=100UA Ee=0mw/cm2~
Emitter-collector VoltageBvceoIE=10UA Ee=0mw/cm2~
Collector-emitter saturation voltageVce(sat)IC=2MA Ee=1mw/cm2~
Response Time
Opening TimeTRVCE=5V,IC=1MA RL=10KΩ10μs
Closing TimeTR15

SMD 1206-30

SMD 1206-30

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